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Frequently Asked Questions

Where in the world are you?

I am currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY. I will be traveling as much as possible.

When are you booking appointments?

My books open monthly in Brooklyn at You can sign up for email notifications by clicking the link below

Contact / Email List

When will you update your online store?

At the moment I have zines for sale. Sign up for email notifications about store updates by clicking the link below.

Contact / Email List

How do people pick what tattoos they want from you?

Sometimes people look through my flash sheets and sketchbooks when they come for the appointment. Sometimes I will have an online flashbook available to view before. I always have hundreds of drawings available to be tattooed. Occasionally I will take on custom requests. I am usually happy to make edits or changes to the drawings to make it perfect for you.

I live far away from you! Can I pay you to draw a picture for me so that I can get it tattooed by someone else?

No, sorry. Of course, I can't stop you from taking my images and words to other artists, but I prefer that you don't. The interaction with my clients is sacred to me. Please sign up for email notifications as I may come to your area. If you know of queer-friendly tattoo spaces or hosts in your area, feel free to connect me via email and I will be more likely to travel there.

Do you take commissions for album covers / logos / murals / mosaics / animation or clay?

Potentially, you may email me with your idea and I will consider it. Please include your budget in this message. Please understand that I am not always able to take on such requests.

Do you do trades for art or tattoos?

Potentially. Feel free to send me a link to your artwork / clothes / jewelry / tattoos/ services.

I'm under 18 but have permission from my parent/guardian to get tattooed, can I?

No, sorry, hit me up when you're 18.

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