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Rita Salt’s practice spans tattooing, animation, ceramics, installation, mosaicking, writing, printmaking and music. Their fantastical world has been a romantic place of refuge from early childhood. Their illustrative practice has been constant throughout their life; it has allowed them to find solutions to harmful societal structures through play and naivety. From illustration they fell into tattooing, which allowed them to connect with creative communities around the globe. In their travels, they became passionate about public art and mosaics. The art which excites them can be physically touched, and engaged with by the public. The world we live in today is rapidly gentrifying, and public space is becoming increasingly uniform. The gallery scene can make art feel inaccessible to people who don’t come from wealth. Using mark making which is reminiscent of childhood, Salt hopes to make people feel like art is for everybody. The magic of public art is the way it empowers communities by giving them back ownership of the spaces they inhabit. With the alarming acceleration of development, spaces which intentionally generate joy and curiosity are more imperative than ever. By creating mosaics, sculptures, and drawings on bodies, they hope to spark a vision of a utopia in which vulnerability is a virtue, and love and trust are abundant.

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